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To celebrate the grand opening of the Meta Tea House we'er releasing a custom blend of 3,333 digital hand painted NFTs that will bring a human 1/1 feel to the profile pictures on Solana & Ethereum blockchain.

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Marginalized Groups
Leveraging Tech

Tag of a tea bag with words that read vegan and sugar
Female character with short hair
Male character with shoulder length flowing hair with dark glasses drinking tea
Female with large afro
Male with a fade wearing light colored glasses with a bright colored beard drinking tea.


The art and story behind this project is centered around Tech by Choice, a community driven nonprofit helping marginalized adults enter, stay, and thrive in tech.

Modeled after the Black Panther party Tech by Choice is dedicated to creating holistic programing. Through this strategic partnership we'll be able to offer mental health and financial literacy content to our community.

Tech by Choice Partnership Details

We're Taking Action to Ensure Our Community Doesn't Miss Any Tea

Our Values


Through our partnership with Tech by Choice, we will be able to create STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art & Math) workshops to help folks feel empowered by tech.


Our goal is to find balance in all that we do. We can't just learn about Blockchain & STEAM all day. To fully support our community, we'll focus on mental health and other ways to center our joy.


Keeping up with Web 3 is a full-time job. Most of us already have full-time jobs. To help you join in on the fun, we've created partnerships to help make navigating web 3 easier for all.


If you want to grow as an artist, collector, or launch your tech journey, we support you. We will have multiple funds and programs to ensure growth is always an option for our community.

Green Tea - Earl Grey -  Matcha - Oolong Tea
Developers- Builders - Technical Writers - Designers

Our Milestones

The Meta Tea House is an aromatic atmosphere where people come to gather. Our goal is to be a launchpad for the next iteration of the web. We've highlighted our plans for each stage of the minting process.


Black Tax Fund

40% of sales will be donated to Tech by Choice to fund their Black Tax Scholarship to support community members who need extra financial support.


Phase One of our Tech Bootcamp

Through this donation Tech by Choice will start hiring and training project managers, teachers, curriculum writers, and teacher assistants in preparations for the full launch of our bootcamp.


Kickstart the DAO

We will have enough money to donate to Tech by Choice so they can pay for the legal, financial, and technical services required to support the Tech by Choice community on the Blockchain.


Build the Meta Tea House

We will build the Meta Tea House in the metaverse to have a digital space to run events and classes.

Step 5


Digital Consulting Agency

The Phoenixing agency will train, mentor, and hire talent from the Tech by Choice community to work with vetted tech companies. 20% Of Phoenixing income will be donated back to Tech by Choice.

Green Tea - Earl Grey -  Matcha - Oolong Tea
Developers- Builders - Technical Writers - Designers

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